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The Elephants Charity Project 2017

The Elephants cry!

This is sad because we suffer when we do nothing!


The elephants must not die!

The African elephants are nearing extinction!

This must not happen!

Every day 100 Elephants are killed for ivory!

Baby elephants are completely helpless without their mother and WILL die because a baby elephant needs 2 liters of milk from mum, every 3 hours!!

We need to build orphanages and hospitals to guarantee protection and medical treatment for the baby elephants!

In 6 African countries 85% of the population of elephants has already been wiped out!

The goal of our organization is:

To raise money, which will pay for the Rescue, Rehabilitation and the Release of orphaned Baby Elephants back into protected National Parks.
We support the Elephants Orphanage Project ( EOP ) in Africa.

For the protection of the elephants large financial resources are needed!

Please support our campaign and you will become a “Guardian Angel of Elephants”!